Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Blood Syrup

Fake edible Blood found at the local Dollar Store, called Blood Syrup

May Contain Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Soya, Wheat, Milk and Eggs.

At least the ingredients listing plainly says corn syrup.

Most fake blood contains corn, either hidden or plainly listed.

Fake Blood Made From Corn

Makeup can contain many allergens.

Halloween decorations can contain latex, and many other allergens.

Halloween Coconut Dangers

Thinking of Painting Your Pumpkin Teal:
Paint Made From Milk
Paint Made From Eggs
Paint Made From Nuts

Avoiding Milk Protein.com:
More Information From My Site Avoiding Milk Protein:

Household, and Industrial Products Made From Soy

Household, and Industrial Products Made From Gluten and Wheat

Household, and Industrial Products Made From Coconut

Household, and Industrial Products Made From Fish and Seafood

Household, and Industrial Products Made From Bananas

Household, and Industrial Products Made From Milk

Household, and Industrial Products Made From Egg

Household, and Industrial Products Made From Corn

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Containers for Auto-Injectors, For Schools and Other Public Spaces

Although I support the idea basically all students should be able to wear their own EpiPen (or other epinephrine product) I also know that schools, day cares and other public spaces may need a place to store EpiPens.

Containers for auto-injectors, for school and other public spaces:
Allergy Emergency Kit EpiNOW Allergy Emergency Kit Our patent-pending design is intended for secure, conspicuous mounting in elementary school lunch rooms and cafeterias for 24/7/365 access.

Bowman Epi Dispenser The Bowman ED-760 Epinephrine Auto-Injector Storage Case is an ideal solution for schools and classrooms with the capacity to hold up to 10 Epinephrine injectors and keep them in an organized easy to access dispenser.

School Health Epinephrine Emergency Cabinets Cabinet has five (item 90629) or ten (item 91088) separate compartments which can hold 1 epinephrine unit per compartment. Reference sheet on the inside of the door identifies students with their units and contains the following information: name of student, name of medication, expiration date, emergency contact name/number, and a place for student's photo.

Epi Access The EPI-ACCESS EPIPEN Teacher's Lounge Carrying Case is a unique product that is designed to store up to 8 epinephrine auto-injectors along with an area for photo identification, type of allergy and prescription details. Its bright colors make it easily identifiable when displayed on a wall in the classroom, principal's office, the administration office, daycare, etc. Completely transportable, lightweight and versatile, it can also accommodate asthma pumps and other medication that does not require refrigeration.

Medicine Storage Box (UK) These EpiPen and Inhaler carriers are great to store allergy medicines at home, school, nursery or work and its compact size allows easy carriage when out and about.

Rangements Pour Auto Injectors Epi-Ready Le boîtier Epi-Ready, qui se fixe au mur à l’aide de vis, peut contenir deux auto-injecteurs EpiPen ou TwinJect.

Epi-Acces La trousse Epi-Acces peut contenir jusqu’à huit auto-injecteurs. Indispensable dans les écoles, les garderies, les centres de la petite enfance et les camps de vacances.

More Information
Carrying Containers for Auto-Injectors and Other Allergy meds

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ontario Laws First Aid/ CPR

Ontario Laws First aid and CPR.

Sabrina Shannon DIED. School staff did not react properly during an allergic reaction along with the fact Shannon had her Epipen in her locker at the time caused lead to her death. Sabrina's Law was formed. School staff was then was required to have allergy training.

Ryan Gibbons DIED of an asthmatic reaction, the school principal kept taking, and locking up his inhaler, school staff did not react properly during his asthma attack. Ryan's Law was formed. Students now have a right to carry asthma medications, and staff are required to have training in asthma care, and schools required to have written asthma plans.

Rowan Stringer DIED after school staff did not recognize signs of concussion, or khow to treat it. Rowan's Law was formed, every school board is now required to have a concussion protocol. Ministry of Education is to provide funding to the school boards for first aid/ CPR training at each school.

In Halton (HDSB) the Ministry of Education Pays For:
3 full time employees for each elementary school
2 full time employees of secondary school
3 full time employees of each administrative facility

Waterloo District School Board Administrative Procedure 3150 FIRST AID

WSIB required every workplace in Ontario (schools are a workplace) to have employees with CPR/ Firstaid training. WSIB Requirements

CDA's Position on Students Living with Diabetes at School Canadian Diabetes Association

Allergy training in Canada has been a part of CPR/ First aid training, for over a decade with providers like Red Cross and St. John's Ambulance consulting groups like Anaphylaxis Canada and data on reactions/ responses.

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Carrying Containers for Auto-Injectors and Other Allergy Meds

I believe it should be the responsibility of parents/ guardians to provide medications that are not expired. The responsibility of students (when age/ abilities appropriate) to carry meds. The responsibility of schools to train staff enough staff. The responsibility of educators to be trained in first aid. The educators should have enough training in the needs of the students they educate.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Touch A Truck

I posted about Ambulance Tours it was an opportunity for us to get a tour of an ambulance, and ask questions at a local city event. I believe for many, ambulance tours are an opportunity to tour an ambulance, not during an emergency, and that this may ease concerns. This can relieve anxieties of what can happen when someone has an allergic reaction. It is also an opportunity to ask if your city ambulances (or city fire trucks) who carries epinephrine.

More communities are hosting Touch A Truck Events. Often ambulances are included in these Touch A Truck Events, so Ambulance Tours may be included. Nervous children with allergies, seizures, diabetes can all benefit.

I suggest looking at city websites to see if your city or community hosts one of these events, not all Touch A Truck events include ambulances.

Touch A Truck Buffalo, NY
Virgina Touch A Truck
Touch A Truck General Motors Centre, Oshawa
Touch A Truck Thousand Oaks, CA
Touch A Truck Event Grimsby
Touch A Truck Macon, Georgia
Touch A Truck New Orlean
Touch A Truck Starkville
Touch A Truck Dartmouth, MA

Allergy Community Events

Monday, May 2, 2016

Emergency Preparedness Week

Emergency Preparedness Week

Emergency Preparedness Week

Emergency Preparedness Week (EP Week) is an annual event that takes place each year during the first full week of May. This national event is coordinated by Public Safety Canada, in close collaboration with the provinces and territories and partners. It is a time to think about how prepared we are for a flood, earthquake, snowstorm, power outage, fire.

Questions to ask within families:

Do we have several days worth of water on hand should an emergency happen?

Most suggest 72 hours non perishable food and water be available, should an emergency happen. Most people in allergy groups suggest four or five days of food on hand for each allergic person, finding safe food, may be an issue should a wide scale emergency happen.

If our city/ town needs to be evacuated where do family members meet?
Grandma's/ Aunt's house.

Does everybody in the house know where the flashlights/ batteries/ candles are?

Candles made from nuts, coconuts and corn. Do we have a car safety kit?

Do we have minimum of a week's supply of prescription medications
List of all prescription medications

List of emergency contacts
Sometimes we forget phone numbers with cellphone contact lists.

Are our emergency kits allergen free?

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